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Vince & Elizabeth's Burnaby Park Engagement

Vince and Elizabeth fresh from their marriage proposal in Mexico, agreed to meet me in Burnaby to capture their engagement underneath the beautiful canvas of cherry blossoms. Much to our dismay the season was earlier then normal this year and a crazy storm managed to blow all of the remaining petals off the trees. As a photographer, weather can be your greatest friend or foe. We decided to roll with it and not let mother nature get the best of us. The location still turned out to be a pretty stunning canvas. Elizabeth looked stunning in her two dress choice and battled the cold wind like a boss! Vince was so adorable trying to keep her warm and laughing the whole time to take it off of her mind! These two are planning on a longer engagement so that they have time to plan a wedding they can both be proud of. I wish them both the best and hope our paths cross again in the future.

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