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The McLellan's Roderick Haig Brown Family Session

Every year I must say this is one of my favourite sessions. Some might even say our yearly session is "Like Christmas!" Either way I love this little clan of humans! Shannon has been one of my BFFs since Kindergarten. Anyone lucky enough to know her knows that she is such a beautiful person inside and of course out. (PS I hate that she borrows my hat and it looks better on her!!!). Todd is a stand up guy and father and he puts up with whatever shenanigans I throw his way with a smile. Lastly these two little beauties are a chip off the old block. I love seeing them grow up and turn into such wonderful people. Each of them remind me so much of their mom in different ways. Alexis is out riding horses like a boss and I love her for that. Julia is an avid hockey player, with a feisty little spirit and funny enough she is my two year old son's first crush :) I look forward to living closer to these amazing people, exploring places like these as my family and I start our interior adventures. xoxox- Kaylea

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