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The Mclellan Family

I love this time of year when all the family photo sessions start up. It signals that fall, one of my favourite seasons is just around the corner. Even better, I love the opportunity to photograph my friends and capture all the changes of their growing families. I think it is important to note that Shannon is an excellent cook. She made the very best ribs, corn and potatoes pre photos for my family. How lucky are we? Last year I was so very pregnant that I had to cancel on the Mclellan family photo session a few months before. I decided that this year it had to be epic to make up for it and so I decided to bring along some smoke bombs. They were a huge hit with the girls. Thankfully no one was burned and we didn't start any forest fires. I am also pretty sure they might have brought some flashbacks to Todd of his younger days haha! Either way I hope you enjoy this gallery of images as much as I enjoyed taking them. xoxo

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