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The Hsia Family

I have known Kara for the last few years. We met through our nursing careers at BCCH. I am sure you are sensing a pattern that all of these beautiful nurses are getting married and having babies. Our photographic journey started almost three years ago when her first baby girl was born. It was about the same time I started to photograph outside of my dog, family and friends. Kara, Kelvin and baby lily showed up to my small Vancouver apartment for their new baby session. It was a lot of fun, awkward and resulted in someone being peed on (cough cough, Kelvin). At first I thought I was interested in doing both wedding and baby photography, why not I asked myself, I love babies. I ordered some cute wraps and costumes and watched a few videos and thought I was all set. Reality then set in and I found it to be quite a challenge. You have to work around the babies schedule and be prepared for that, you don't know if your baby will sleep or be awake, in a feeding frenzy or content. My thoughts were further solidified when I helped a fellow photographer do a twin photography session. It took eight hours and she was a pro. Though I love babies beyond belief and have learned a thing or two since then, I will happily continue to do what I enjoy and that is photographing engagements, weddings and family lifestyle sessions. Thankfully Kara and Kelvin were not discouraged by my amateur ways and I have continued capturing all of their special moments.

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