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I am super excited that you are taking the time to check out my photography site. I am a self taught photographer with an interest in capturing people and love. Photography is life's pause button. It is a chance to capture a snapshot of time. Life is full of beautiful moments and it is through a picture you can go back to that beaufiul moment as often as you wish. I love expressing how I see the world through the images I capture. I hope that you like what you see.I have always been interested in photography and the earliest dates back to learning about how to process photos in a darkroom in highschool. While I was planning my own wedding in 2016, my passion for photography really developed. I spent a lot of time browsing pinterest, etsy and other sites. It inspired me to take my hobby to the next level. 


Other facts to note:

-I am a mom to a wonderful little boy and I am absolutely in love with him

-I have been a nurse at BC Childrens Hospital for thirteen years and it has taught me so many things

-Though I love and live in the big city I am a small town girl at heart

-I met my husband on an online date site- by far the best $50 spent

-I love the outdoors, fresh air and nature

-Shuswap summers are the best

-I am addicted to online shopping and the delivery man knows me by name 

-I love curling up with a good book and a cup of tea

-I am crazy about my golden lab- Norman H Knorr 

-I have done a lot of travelling: Italy, Spain, Bali, Hong Kong, Paris, London... just to name a few. I still have a few more bucket list destinations to see

-Anything Italian is alright with me- Pasta, Wine, Coffee, Gelato... 

I really look forward to hearing your story.....


                                               xoxoxox- Kaylea 

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