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Hey There!!

For those interested in a few facts about me here goes: 

- I am Kamloops Based. 

-I am a mom to two wonderful little boys and I am absolutely in love with them.

-I was a nurse at BC Childrens Hospital for sixteen years and I think, other than photography, it was the best job in the world.

-Though I love the big city I am a small town girl at heart. 

-I met my husband Chris on an online date site- by far the best $50 spent. As cliche as it sounds he is the ying to my yang, soulmate, BFF and biggest fan. He bought me my first professional canon camera and you could say he's always pushed me to follow my dreams. 

-I love the outdoors, fresh air and nature

-Shuswap summers are the best

-I am addicted to online shopping (fashion, things for my kids or my own photoshoots and home decor)

-Photography is my jam. I am always doing something with it. My kids are one of my favourite things to capture. 

-I love curling up with a good book and some kind of caffeine. 

-Fall has to be my favourite season. I can't get enough of boots, hats, sweaters, cozy fires, falling leaves and of course hunting season. I am an avid hunter. It might come as a shock to some but its something I have loved to do with my dad for years. 

-I have done a lot of travelling: Italy, Spain, Bali, Hong Kong, Paris, London... just to name a few. I still have a few more bucket list destinations to see

-Anything Italian is alright with me- Pasta, Wine, Coffee, Gelato... 

I really look forward to hearing your story.....


                                               xoxoxox- Kaylea 

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